May 11, 2024

Shallow Cuts Presents: Pinque Saturday

Fifi Hifi & Mike D

10pm. $5

Shallow Cuts Presents: Pinque Saturday

The Triangle’s Shallowest DJs are back at it with another shamelessly shallow pop party! We gather to celebrate this crazy thing called PINQUE: Ms. Minaj’s favorite color, rare steak, cartoon panthers, Cyndi Lauper’s tutus, whether to kiss Duckie or Blane, gett!ing the party started, Barbie-adjacent revelry, flamingos, strawberry Starbursts, and of course:


You’ll be wearing pink, Bruce will be wearing pink, and wait until you see what Mike & Fifi can do with a roll of pink plastic! Rubies will look like Barbie barfed.

Brush out your pink wigs, Durham, and we will see you on the dancefloor!
No photos or videos please. Be here now.