April 26, 2024

Max Lane

w/ Brian Revels

Show 8. $10

Max Lane

Deep south Louisiana roots, replanted in central North Carolina, Max Lane’s honest and raw country music is influenced by the sounds of his two homes. Growing up singing gospel and country hymns, he brings a dirty south soul to his music. Influenced by artists like Sturgill Simpson, Townes Van Zandt, and John Prine he has a wide range of sounds. Max can burn it down or sing it slow and sad enough to make you cry, either way, he aims to make you feel something.

Brian Revel

Brian Revels is energy and angst in a comet trail of music that is as perceptive as it is entertaining. His observations of Americana ring with authenticity. The new single from his band, Brian Revels & the Heat Lightning, “Anywhere With You,” is an affecting indie-folk / Americana ballad—a genuine, hard-fought love song that radiates joy, devotion and healing.

Revels is a wily veteran of the Atlanta, Georgia music scene, a multi-instrumentalist, and a natural-born storyteller with a poetic edge. Before forming his current ensemble, The Heat Lightning, he helped to build the folk trio, City Mouse, into a regional force, sharing stages with acts like The Steeldrivers, Parker Milsap, The Whiskey Gentry, and Faye Webster.

Brian Revels & The Heat Lightning made their streaming debut on 2020’s “Jasper County Blues” which Immersive Atlanta called “a collection of stories set between the opening of saloon doors and the desperation of last call.”

Revels draws from folk and blues and country and bluegrass, is an alternative to them all and a better man for their influences. The hole he’s worn in his guitar is not as large as the one he’s worn in his heart with the care of the lives he hopes he can redeem one song at a time. His timeless musicality will touch your soul with the drama, and the significance, of love lost and regained, of the human frailty that reduces and yet ennobles each of us.