May 31, 2024

Mall Rat in a Cage Goth Dance Party

Fifi HiFi & FKA Scary Dude

9pm; $5

Mall Rat in a Cage Goth Dance Party

You’ve caught whispers in the shadows of a dimly lit Hot Topic, where the air is thick with fruity vape smoke, swirling like bats in the night. Meanwhile, the Reddit underworld is ablaze with chatter. After being courted by multiple festival overlords (we’ll keep their identities veiled, but let’s just say one sounds like a macabre sneeze), we’ve made a decision that, despite all our rage, Mall Goth shall remain cloistered within the cage-like confines of Rubies.

So, cease your ravens’ DMs, urging us to fly to distant gatherings! Our hearts dwell in DURHAM! We are the lost rats of the MALL, trapped within a cage of our own creation, and here is where Fifi Hi-Fi and FKA Scary Dude shall REMAIN.

MALL GOTH returns like never before: brace yourself for Cherubic Soft Rock, melodies of Vampire TV Show Theme Songs, the taunting cries of Mall Muzak, the forgotten loops of 90s Tribal classics, and perhaps at midnight, the mournful wail of bagpipes? Favorite gothic anthems hug you awkwardly, relics of forgotten cassingles, melodies fit for a somber procession, sacrilegious grunge remixes, and all the arcane treasures once hoarded by your elder sibling on Compact Disc!

Of course, Bauhaus shall echo through the darkness, you foolish mortal!

Don your most colossal JNCOs, shred your fishnets like tattered spiderwebs, wrap yourself in flannels worn to threads, lace up your stompiest boots, adorn yourself with inverted pentagrams sharp enough to pierce the veil between worlds!

Entry: a mere $5, as it has ever been