October 25, 2022

Youth League

with Frontside and Tiny Stills

Doors 7:30, Show 8:30. ***FREE SHOW*** $5 Suggested Donation

Youth League

“Youth League boast an expansive soundscape that isn’t easy to find elsewhere. With heavy foundations of looped guitar riffs built around tapped-out melodies, Youth League’s colorful instrumentals and sparse vocals, reminiscent of early-2000s emo and math rock, shine through. Finding the perfect balance between the many elements, Youth League’s tracks immediately lock in the listener, the technical and enchanting instrumentals further uplighting the powerful, emotive vocal performances. The band have also shown their versatility, delving into other genres and post-rock, spacey realms with their passion for experimentation.” -New Noise Magazine


It can be tough to find like-minded musicians in a small town like Wilson, NC. Luckily for Frontside, they were able to cultivate a long-term musical bond at a pivotal point in their adolescence. In 2008, the band came together with a common goal – to create music that would not only be catchy for any listener, but would also satiate their urge to add a more technically impressive dimension to their songs. After a number of small independent releases, they began to gain traction locally with the release of their EP Cheers and Fears From The Past Year in 2013. They went on to tour the east coast extensively and were also afforded the opportunity to open for acts such as He Is Legend, Finch, and Maps & Atlases. With the release of another EP, You, Of All People in 2017, Frontside began to pick up more steam and caught the attention of industry “professionals”. In February 2018, the band combined the two EPs and released their first full-length album, Essentially, Eventually. Moving into 2020, the band signed with NC-based record label, Revival Recordings. They released their new EP, Closer to Closure, in February 2021 consisting of 5 songs that the band had written prior to CAFFTPY, though they have been rearranged and re-recorded to match the sonic standards that the group now holds.

Tiny Stills

Tiny Stills is a power pop band from Los Angeles made up of members Kailynn West, Chris Clark and Mike Diggs. After years of honing their bittersweet emulsion of pop punk and emo with toothy lyrics, crunchy guitars and catchy melodies, one message still resonates loud and clear – even the worst days have a silver lining, at least you’re not alone.