May 27, 2022


with The Coyotes & Whoop!

Doors 7, Show 8, $5


Influenced by music of the 80s and 90s this Greensboro, NC band concocts a new mixture of Cure sounds ladled with indie rock and post-punk sensibilities. Their music sounds the way flying feels on a warm dark night: Constant forward motion under the drunken pulse of starlight.

The Coyotes


Whoop! is one of those rare records that channels universal emotions to the point of instant
familiarity and reassuring, bonding validation. From the super-danceable, self-assured swagger
of shape-shifting opener “What I Want,” to the in-your-face letting loose of “Feel Good,” it
resonates through sparse instrumentation that always serves the sentiment and the song. Fal’s
distinctively nuanced, remarkably versatile voice both caresses and cajoles, veering between
tough-love compassion (“Demons”); finely-grained nostalgia (“Smile”); sultry, confessional
contemplation (gauzy standout “Jump”); and a borderline Britpop sneer.