March 29, 2024

MLGT (Mall Goth) Dance Party

Fifi Hifi & FKA Scary Dude

9pm. $5

Mall Goth w/ Fifi Hifi & FKA Scary Dude


It’s short for MALLGOTH!
Only at Rubies and only with Fifi Hi-Fi and FKA Scary Dude!
Goth anthems, forgotten cassingles, musak fit for a wake, egregious grunge remixes, and all the cool shit your big brother used to have on Compact Disc!
Yeah of course we will play Bauhaus, you silly goat!
Wear your most giant JNCOs, torn fishnets, tattered flannels, stompiest boots, your pointiest inverted pentagrams!
$5 only, ever.