June 28, 2022


with In Angles, Snooze, and Through the Tallwoods

Doors 7pm, Show 8pm, $5


Cloutchaser is a 2-piece instrumental math rock band from Boone, NC. Brady Kennedy and Cameron Price of the metal band, Basilica, have branched out to create this experimental new project. Cloutchaser combines heavy and melodic riffs, metric modulation, and explosive drumming to create a fresh sound that you’ve never experienced before. Fusing elements of mathcore, progressive rock, and jazz fusion, Cloutchaser is guaranteed to give you a mind-bending show that you won’t forget.

In Angles

Intense mathy post-hardcore from New Jersey, full of screamy/chuggy post-hardcore, flashy leads, and anthemic hooks.


Snooze crafts complex jams that will keep you head-banging while pulling on your heart strings.  Formed in the suburbs of Chicago, the band has spent the better part of the last decade honing their sound while regionally touring.  Snooze brings something new to realm of heavier rock – blending floaty melodic clean parts with head banging major key riffs.  Check out their last album “Still” released on Choke Artist.

Through the Tallwoods

Always sad and always loud, Through the Tallwoods is NC’s definitive punk band. Cementing their place in the East Coast DIY scene with their debut EP “growth.” they’ve since developed a more powerful post-punk sound with heavy mathrock influence and a grungey 90’s aesthetic. The Raleigh trio employs heavy riffs and a barrage of technical guitar playing over pounding and chaotic drumming to help them paint the stories of their early lives growing up queer, poor, and abused by religion.