July 29, 2024

Am Ringwalt

Middle Sattre

8 PM. 10$

AM Ringwalt is a writer and musician whose work appears in Jacket2, Music & Literature, and Black Warrior Review. Called “rich with emotion” by Pitchfork, Summer Angel is out now on Dear Life Records. Ringwalt holds an MFA in Poetry from the University of Notre Dame, where she received the 2019 Sparks Prize. The recipient of the Excellence Fellowship at UNC Greensboro, she is currently pursuing a PhD in English. She has held residencies, fellowships, and teaching appointments at the Watermill Center, International Literary Seminars, Interlochen Arts Academy, and Belmont University.


Middle Sattre (SAT-tree) is an Austin-based experimental folk band. Originating in Salt Lake City as solo project fronted by Hunter Prueger, Middle Sattre began as a way to deal with internalized homophobia and religious repression as a result of growing up within the strictures of the Mormon church. Converging in Austin with Mitch Stevens (electric guitar, banjo, piano) and S. Wallace (vocals, keyboard/sampler), the band further grew into an eight person ensemble, including Jordan Walsh (prepared guitar, drums), Juniper Card (guitar, drums), Kai Jasmin (viola, guitar), Sophie Mathieu (cello), and James Tabata (bass).